We need to be able to "Hide" m.brickandmoble as our CNAME destination



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    Hi Jamie,

    If you're looking to hide the CNAME record so your clients can't see m.brickandmobile.com, you can set up the following:

    Suppose that you are: jamie.com

    Your client is: client.com

    and we are: m.brickandmobile.com

    You can setup the following: client.com ---> jamie.com ---> m.brickandmobile.com (where all the client is exposed to is your domain, and brickandmobile is completely hidden)

    Here's how you do it:

    1) In your jamie.com CPANEL, create [keyword].jamie.com (example: bobsburgers.jamie.com), and point it to m.brickandmobile.com

    2) In your client's CPANEL, create m.client.com and point it to [keyword].jamie.com

    3) Add m.client.com in your Mobile URL tab in the admin.brickandmobile.com interface, under "Custom Domain Name"

    That should hide m.brickandmobile.com completely!

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    brick&mobile Support


    Just to give you a heads up have a look at this post here:


    This allows you to remove brickandmobile.com from the picture all together by using our white label DNS servers 


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