Hiding Navigations




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    George Paul

    It would help if you had a preview button for comments (to review what you have written) so that my poor English spelling wasn't made so obvious as well :-)

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    Lori Harris

    FYI, I've put this to good use.  I have content I rotate in periodically.  e.g. a different selection every week.  I hide all but the current week's content.

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    Chuck Johnson

    This is a great tool to have when you want to draw in a client. A little marketing provoking if a client is not all that excited about the mock-up you built. Simply build a 4 or 5 button mock-up site, hide 2 of the best. When on the phone with a client you can open the other 2 button's you hid, have them refresh, and 2 more buttons appear on the clients mobile phone in just seconds. Am sure that would wake up the excitement in them.

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    brick&mobile Support

    Chuck and Lori - great ideas! Happy to hear that this is being used effectively

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