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    Carol Mack

    this is the wackiest thing I have ever seen. Now I have all this code, changing stuff I don't want changed, and I have to figure out how to go in an delete or change it. I already tried just pasting in what I wanted to change and it won't work any more, not like it used to.

    what a mess. It was much simpler when I could just copy and paste from the 1.0 v of the CSS sheet. Now I can't copy and paste, and I have all this code I don't want.

    I'm sorry, but you have gone backward, not forward.

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    brick&mobile Support

    Hi Carol - whatever works for you :)

    This is more meant to be a template that you can use, and remove the code you don't want. 

    Happy to hear you're using the CSS Cheat Sheet well!

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    Carol Mack

    This is one way to do it, and I appreciate that you are trying to help us. But it is very time consuming to have to go through each line of code and change what I need to.

    Version 1.1 of the css is in pdf format so I cannot copy and paste just the parts that I wish to change.

    These are the only 2 options available right now. It would be a big help to have v1.0 as well so that we can just copy and paste what we want to use.

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    Chuck Johnson

    You can still just copy & paste what you need off this list and not have to copy & paste all the code and then edit. What I would do is copy & paste what I wanted use into a WORD doc, then when I was done, save the doc in the clients file for referencing to it later. While in the doc you can add notes of what you did and keep record of customer updates of when they took place.

    I think it's a great idea because I personally like all my tools in one place where I can get to them rather quickly. Am pretty sure this is what they were trying to accomplish for us with these css codes. I will be making my own file for easy access. Thanks team Brick&Mobile & Kevin Z.

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    I'd like the content blocks to actually be transparent (or some degree thereof) so that the page background will be visible through the block. I might choose to want to go 10% or 20% with the block of text (maybe a little white or light yellow, etc.) but I can't seem to figure out how to accomplish "transparent." Anyone??

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